Home Visits

Prices for all the below services: $20 For 30 MINS

Puppy visits
Cat feeding
Small animal care
Lifestock Care

Dinner Service 

On holiday or away on a business trip?

Cat feeding: 

Pawfect can feed your cat and refresh his or her water bowl morning and/or night. We can also clean their litter tray if needed and will always provide plenty of complimentary cuddles and play. We understand that cats get lonely too and enjoy human company. 

Rabbits/Guinea pigs/Chooks/Birds/etc:

Pawfect can visit your home to feed your pet, clean cages and refresh water. If there are additional requirements, this can be discussed with us.

Have to work late or want to go straight from work to an event?

We can feed your pet, check their water and give them plenty of attention. We can even take dogs for a walk at an added cost.

Note: We DO NOT walk & feed dogs at home while owners are on holiday and no-one is living in the house.

Toilet Break 

Have a puppy at home?

Pawfect can visit your puppy or kitten to offer some companionship, engage with active play and give toilet breaks.

 This will facilitate his/her socialisation and being handled by new people. We also use this as a learning opportunity to reinforce new behaviours.

Puppy Toilet Break, Home Visits

Pets in Recovery 

Is your pet at home recovering from an operation? You are concerned about your pet’s well-being, but can’t just pop home?
Pawfect can do a home visit for you to check on your pet, take him/her out for some fresh air and that much needed toilet break. We offer love, companionship, administer medication and proved fresh water.

Play at Home 

This service is a convenient and attentive dog, cat or pet play visit at your residence. This is idle for older pets that can no longer get out and about or for pets that can only stay inside.

Dog Home Visits, Maltese
Recovery dog home visits

Why Pawfect Home Visits?

  • There are many benefits of leaving your pet/s at home in their familiar secure surroundings, one includes dramatically reducing their stress as they are able to maintain their daily routines in the comfort of their home.

  • You also remove any trauma and potential exposure to viruses, diseases and parasites that can be found in kennels and catteries.

  • We provide you with that alternative option instead of looking into placing them into kennels, catteries or bothering your family, friend or neighbour. 

  • By remaining at home your pet is happier, healthier and content.


Included in our visit:

  • Plenty of socialisation (cuddles and extra TLC guaranteed)

  • Refill bowls with fresh water and provide food (if arranged)

  • Provide your pet with a toilet break (if applicable)

  • Administer any medication (if arranged)

  • Collect mail

  • Open/Close blinds, curtains

  • Clean any litter boxes, cages, bedding

  • During each visit we will conduct an interior and exterior security check

  • We will work with you on any special requests or needs you have


Note: Prices may vary depending on location and or request