Application & Care Instructions


Below are step-by-step instructions to ensure you get the most out of our products and give them the best care possible.

Vinyl Application & Care

Our Sticker Decal Range is designed to be applied by yourself. Please follow our step-by-step instructions for the best results.


  1. Your vinyl transfer (Decal) 

  2. Alcohol wipe (included)

  3. The surface you are applying the transfer to

  4. An EFTPOS card (or something similar)


Ensure your surface is free of pet fluff and debris by wiping it with the supplied alcohol wipe.

Allow to dry for 5-10 Mins



  1. Place the vinyl, design side down, on a flat surface

  2. Carefully remove the white backing paper at a 45-90 degree angle making sure the decal design stays stuck to the clear transfer tape

  3. Once removed, hold both ends of your transfer tape, turn over and attach a small area in the centre of the vinyl to the centre of the desired surface

  4. Use your eftpos card to gently smooth the design onto your application surface working from the centre out to both sides

  5. Once smoothed over, with all bubbles removed, lift the corner of the transfer tape and peel it away from the surface at a 45 degree angle leaving behind the design


For the best care please keep your Pawfect design dry for 24 hours after application. Do not use harsh chemicals or scrub over the design. Wash gently when required. 

Snuffle Mat Care


Just use a hose or soak it in the sink. If using detergents, make sure they are natural so they do not irritate your dogs skin. 

Then hang your mat upside down and air dry.


We recommend when first introducing your pet to the SnuffleMat to fill it with treats and take it away when finished. Your pet will soon learn to associate the mat as a treat/ food dispenser and not as a toy. This will also prevent your fur baby from playing with it or chewing the rubber.

Tug Toy Care



Machine wash and hang to air-dry

Bandana Care


Hand-wash in cold water or machine wash on delicate.

Lay flat to dry.

Iron flat if needed but cover with baking paper or a tea towel to iron.

Note: DO NOT iron directly onto vinyl.