Dog Walks and Socialisation

Short on time? Find yourself rushing out the door in the mornings? Your evenings in the office getting later and later? Finding it hard to fit in time for yourself let alone time to walk your dog?

Our dog walking service will help you with all these dilemmas.

Pawfect Ltd understands that every dog is different, some are social canines that like nothing more than an adventure in the park or beach with friends. While others can be timid or older and are best suited to a one on one walk. Both our services provide your canine friend with plenty of exercise wether they are on or off leash. 

During our meet and greet we can determine what will be the best fit for your fur baby and we will design the perfect service for you both. 

Group dog walking in Whangaparaoa, 3 dogs to one handler. Fun, small group.

Group Walks

Our Pawfect group walks offer plenty of exercise and are ideal for the more fast paced canines who love nothing more than hooning around. This service gives your fur babies the chance to explore and socialise with other dogs so they can be part of that pack experience. We will pick up and drop off your dog, transport them to a safe dog walking area or dog friendly beach.

Regular Booking: $27 For 60mins

Two dogs from the same home: + $10

One off: + $5

One on One dog walks in Whangaparaoa

One on One Walks

One on one walks are designed for those of you whose fur babies prefer not to share their walking time with others or appreciate a more sedate walking pace. 


All one on one dog walks are done within your local area. 

Regular Booking: $30 For One Hour

Two dogs from the same home: + $10

One off: + $5

Why Choose Pawfect?


  • Our prices and session times are specific for your dog.

  • ​We offer discounts for additional dogs from the same home and for more than one walk per week. 


  • Any dog that is exercised off-lead does so with the owners permission and is dependant on the dog's behaviour. 

  • We maintain a ratio of 3 dogs maximum per handler.

  • We have a keen understanding of dog behaviours.

  • We only use appropriate areas for off-leash exercise that adhere to local dog bylaws.

  • We promote fun and positive recalls rewarded with play, praise and delicious treats.

  • Our vehicle is equipped with first aid kits, water and sufficient restraint.

  • Us as dog handlers hold pet first aid certificates and are certified in animal management and welfare.

We ensure:

  • Peace of mind that your pet will be in safe, reliable and loving hands.

  • That you wont need to worry about rushing home.

  • That our dog walks are led by professional dog walkers from the pet care industry.

  • That both parties remain safe, stress free and enjoy a fun, social outing.

  • You will always come home to a happy and content fur baby!

Let us help you decide what is best for your pet

Benefits of Dog Walking



Release Physical and Mental Energy


Great Socialisation and Builds Confidence 


Maintains Mental Stability


Reduces Behavioural Issues

Healthy Routine