Dog Grooming

Cute groom for Albie last week 😍.jpg
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Super cute groom for Alfie today. He was

Pawfect groomers is a home based grooming boutique located in Stanmore Bay, Whangaparaoa. 

All grooms are completed by Hayley who has been grooming for two years. During this time she is continuing to expand her breed experience and knowledge and the prices reflect this. 

This is a one on one experience making it less stressful for your fur baby and they will always leave looking great and happy.

The Full Pawfect Groom

​The Pawfect full groom takes approx 2-3hrs and includes:

  • Bath (double shampoo and conditioner)

  • Blow dry

  • Fur clipped, styled and shaped to suit

  • For non-clipped dogs, fur brushed out and loose coat removed

  • Hygiene areas cleared

  • Feet & pads trimmed

  • Nail clipping

  • Ear cleaning and plucking (on request)

  • Doggy spritz

Toy Breeds From: $60

SmallBreeds From: $65

Medium Breeds From: $70

Large Breeds From: $80

The Smell Good (Wash and Dry)

The quick 30- 45min smell good clean.

  • Bath (shampoo and conditioner)

  • Blow dry

  • Complimentary Nail trim

  • Spritz

Toy Breeds From: $30

SmallBreeds From: $35

Medium Breeds From: $40

Large Breeds From: $45

The Mini Groom (Wash and Tidy)

A maintenance bath, brush and tidy up:

  • Bath (shampoo and conditioner)

  • Blow dry

  • Brush out

  • Eye trim

  • Hygiene areas cleared

  • Feet & pads trimmed

  • Nail clipping

  • Final spritz

Toy Breeds From: $40

SmallBreeds From: $45

Medium Breeds From: $50

Large Breeds From: $60


Due to limited parking and the time it takes out of your day to drop off and pick up your fur child we offer pick up and drop off within the local area.

Pick up and drop off: $5- $10

Feel free to book in a nail trim with me in the salon or I can visit your home within the coast.

Nail Trim At Boutique: $10

Nail Trim at your home: $20

My dogs Hard work: + $10

Ear Plucking: + $5

Face trim Only: $15